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What Makes Us Different


What makes us different?  Becomes… Why use the Cluffy Wedge for your patients?

The first ray has implications in the pathogenesis of many of the common foot problems seen commonly in your practice.

Proper functioning of the first ray engages the windlass mechanism, the only foot function capable of stabilizing the foot in propulsion, when stability of the foot is required for normal function to occur.  The chain reaction of events that occur  from proper engagement of the windlass mechanism, including Subtalar joint supination and external rotation of the tibia are very significant and necessary for proper foot function.

Please see our video on how to do the FnHL test, here.  As you will see it is very easy to see how pre-loading the Hallux will overcome any restriction in motion of the first MTPJ functionally.  When doing this test make sure you apply plenty of force to the foot, as you are simulating weight bearing pressures.

Please take a few minutes to review our Learn section to see how the first ray has implications in so many of the problems you see regularly.

Over time you will see improved outcomes in many of your patients.  This will become a simple, reliable method of adding a new layer of therapeutic benefit to enhance your treatment outcomes.  Why not become part of our elite group of practitioners that are using this cutting edge technology?

Don’t forget to add this to insoles, orthotics and sandals.  

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