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Professional Introduction

You already appreciate the importance of foot function and how this impacts alignment in the rest of the body. You most likely know that most of your patients will present with some type of foot dysfunction.  This is why you use orthotics and modify shoes, a very important step in correcting functional problems.

Adding our product, the Cluffy Wedge, to your orthotics will result in a huge improvement in orthotic outcomes.  The reason for this is actually quite simple.  The orthotic alone will not allow you to improve motion of the big toe at the first MTPJ.  When you add the Cluffy Wedge you will improve motion of the first MTPJ..  This is critical, as motion of the first MTPJ will allow engagement of the windlass mechanism, and allow the plantar fascia to stabilize the foot in propulsion.

When the foot pronates at heel contact the orthotic can provide some stability of the foot at this time and through midstance in the gait cycle.  As you move forward on the foot, the orthotic has little effect. Gait compensations will occur when motion is limited at the first MTPJ.  This functional limitation of motion is very common.  Attaching the Cluffy Wedge will allow the first MTPJ to dorsiflex, un-impeded.  Restoration of this motion is critical and will improve ankle plantarflexion, knee extension, hip extension and pelvic alignment and arm swing.  This effect is very profound.

As the hallux dorsiflexes, the first metatarsal plantarflexes, alleviating stress on the lesser metatarsals, and initiating supination of the foot structure, external rotation of the leg and realignment of the lumbar vertabrea.

These effects are so important, why leave this up to chance?  Be assured you are providing the best solution for your patients by adding this simple device.  We hope you enjoy our learn section of the web site to see some areas where this device can have a profound impact.  Make sure you view the functional hallux limitus video to learn the easy test to assess for this condition.

We recommend you use this on all your orthotic patients so long as motion is available at the first MTPJ.  We would recommend you try our multi size pack initially.  This offers you 20 pair of Cluffy Wedges to allow you to give this a good try on your patients.  Adding this value added product to your practice will improve your income as well.

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