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​I'm A Foot Sufferer & How the P4 Wedge Helped


Glenda's pre-wedding foot drama...(and how the P4 Wedge made a difference)

It all started with a pair of brand new, silver, three inch heels. I bought them for my sister’s wedding as part of our bridesmaid outfits. Because I wasn’t used to wearing high heels, I wore them all the time before the big day. I wore them to work, to the grocery store, and often just around the house. I was determined to not trip in them once during the reception.

Big Toe & P4 Wedge

After about three weeks of walking in them, I noticed pain in the balls of my feet, and near my big toe. It was aching pain that spread throughout my foot, and then pain started shooting up my leg. 

p4-wedge.jpgI needed to take Advil every four hours just to walk. I figured the problem was the shoes, and I quickly switched back to sneakers, but it wasn’t long before I realized my big-toe suffering days weren’t over yet. 

Even though the pain didn’t get any worse, it didn’t get any better. I still needed pain killers and even the thought of getting up for a glass of water made me grimace.

After the urging from my friends and family, I went to the doctor to have my feet looked at. After an X-ray, he told me I did not have a fracture. Phew.

I had something called metatarsalgia. You've probably heard about it as "inflammation of the metatarsals." The metatarsals are these tiny bones at the base of your toes. They can become inflamed by added pressure from uncomfortable footwear and unbalanced walking. Apparently, my lovely feet weren't doing their thing anymore.

It was a miracle it wasn’t worse seeing how I was both wearing uncomfortable footwear and walking off-balance! The metatarsals connected to my big toes were the most inflamed. That's how I found out I was a big toe sufferer from my foot pain ball.

In addition to swallowing Advil all day (which I already knew would catch up to me in a few weeks), the doctor recommended inserts designed to correct my foot impact on my big toe.

Finally, I Found the P4 Wedge

I searched online. After all the usual ones you see at the drug store, I found the P4 Wedge®. It was designed by a leading foot doctor specifically to take pressure off of my metatarsals. Hooray, I thought. Finally something that went to the root of the problem instead of just covering up symptoms:-).

I ordered a pair and a week later a package arrived on my doorstep. I was so excited. I put the wedge inside my shoes and immediately my feet felt a little bit more comfortable. 

It wasn’t long before the inflammation in my metatarsals healed and the pain went away. I no longer had to take pain killers and I was able to take up jogging, like I had before. I was healthier and better off than I was before, and to this day I still wear the P4 Wedge®. 

Learn more about the P4 Wedge today for a soft walk in your future.

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